Community Guidelines

GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER Community Guidelines Last Updated May 2017

Submissions, including all Breeders Reviews and Ratings and Breeder Responses are those of the individual distribution and are their own subjective opinions and not opinions of GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER. We don’t support nor are we subsidiary with any breeder listed or reviewed on this Site. GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER has the authority to remove any Submission as per the Terms of Use, including for any Submission that does not to meet these Community Guidelines. Furthermore, GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER may prohibit the user from future Submissions due to their inability to adhere to these Community Guidelines or as generally put forward as per the Terms of Use. The posting of a Submission might be postponed subject to a Breeder’s privilege, if relevant, to react to the creator of such Submission before the posting thereof. Also, GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER  may encourage the connections between Site users and breeders, yet GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER  is not a breeder supporter nor is GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER a mediator amongst breeders and the creator of a Submission.

Submissions must be:

  1.   Applicable to GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER and our viewers.
    a.  There is no justification in verbally abusing anybody or utilizing this forum to verbally assault a breeder, viewer, or an author of a Submission. This is not intended to limit your ability to remark on or provide details about an experience.
    b.  Without of any religious, political, or ethics content.
    c.   Utilization of names may be pertinent when describing a specific breeder experience as per these Community Guidelines.

  2.   Pertaining to an occurrence that took place within the last year (12 months).

  3.   Expressed one time, no duplicates. Just a single submission for every experience is allowed.

  4.   Submitted by the author or close relative of the person who had the experience with a breeder.
    a.   Content that was published by someone else or content that you have published somewhere else can not be included in your submission.
    b.   Content that is regarded as confidential or content that you do not have permission to publish can not be included in your submission.
    c.   Do not portray yourself as being anyone else nor claim to be somebody other than yourself.

  5.   Referring to an occurrence where the author is not affiliated with any breeder, either presently or within the previous five years and is not a family member of a breeder.

  6.   Pertaining to a purchasing experience from a breeder.
    a.   Submissions should NOT be made while on location with a breeder.

 7.   Without any promotions, sales, web links, or any other offer.

 8.   Without any inappropriate content.
    a.   Obscenities.
    b.   Profanity. (* We will remove inappropriate words or words that are intended to be alternative spellings or names of inappropriate words)
    c.   Making references to physical appearances.
    d.   Racial and ethnic references.
    e.   Making references to any activity that is unethical, criminal, or unlawful or other for the intent to hurt or deceive another.
    f.   Threats of violence.

 9.   Without any pursuit to acquire money or services from a breeder in return for altering or removing a rating and/or review.

 10.   Available for public viewing.
    a.   Do not submit a Submission that is of a private nature or to communicate with GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER.
    b.   Do not submit to disclose private discussions with GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER in any Submission. Any matter regarding assistance, questions or concerns that is intended for GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER or it’s staff should be handled at Contact Us

GOOD BREEDER | BAD BREEDER reserves the right to remove any rating and/or review for any reason at any time. We hope that it will not be necessary to remove any Submission and we encourage the community to leave ratings and reviews which provides invaluable feedback.